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What Is Vinyl Siding Roofing By Roofing Contractors Blog

Vinyl siding is plastic exterior siding done outside houses and small apartment buildings. It adds more value to your home and is done for decoration and weatherproofing, imitating wood clapboard, batten board, batten, or shakes. Instead of wood, other materials are used, like aluminum or fiber cement siding. It is an engineered product made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin. The weight of vinyl siding done by Roofing contractors in Boston consists of 80 percent polyvinyl chloride resin and 20 percent color, opacity, gloss, impact resistance, flexibility, and durability. It is the most commonly used exterior cladding for residential construction in the United States of America and Canada. It was introduced in the exterior market in the late 1950s, replacing aluminum siding. It was first manufactured by a crane plastics plant in Columbus, Ohio.

Benefits Of Vinyl Siding Done By Roofing Contractors In Boston

Initially, vinyl siding was made by forming the profile from a single material into desired shape and size, called mono extrusion. In the initial days, blending colors was done manually, making it difficult to manufacture a consistent, quality product. In early 1970, many things changed in the manufacturing industry of vinyl siding. They changed the formulation of vinyl siding to improve the production speed, impact resistance, variety of colors, and many more, leading to its popularity. Melos Construction recommended vinyl siding because of its following benefits:

Low maintenance

While choosing the siding for your house, consider how much maintenance each siding will require. If you are looking for the lowest maintenance material, vinyl siding is your best option because they do not require any touch-ups and can still look brand new. Once installed, it is good to go for several years, thus being budget-friendly. All you have to do is clean it once a year, which is not very difficult. You do not have to paint the house because vinyl siding already comes in different colors than last year.


Vinyl siding is resistant to pests like termites and does not have issues like rot, which make it more durable. Durability is one of the main reasons that it is low maintenance and cost-effective. It is resistant to heavy wind, hail, and excessive moisture and is corrosion free. Our expert team will also guide you about the maintenance and repair of vinyl siding.


Vinyl siding is preferred because it protects the wall underneath and adds beauty to it. You can choose any color or style from our wide range of colors, textures, and types. Contact us, and our experts will help you customize your ideal exterior by mixing and matching.


Vinyl siding done by Roofing contractors in Boston saves you money on the cost of the product itself and will also decrease your utility bills. It prevents the loss of heat through a process called thermal bridging. Even if your home has another form of insulation, chances are that the heat is lost where wall studs come into contact with an exterior siding. It adds a protective blanket over the wall studs resulting in a cooler house in summer and a warmer home in winter. Other types of siding can cause gaps that allow the escape of warm and cool air. The other factor that you will consider is that vinyl siding is eco-friendly. Contact the best roofing contractors in north shore, MA, if you want your house to stand out.

To wrap it up!

We offer roof repairs on the north shore along with other services. Contact us, and our experts will guide you on which siding best suits your requirements.


How do you know if a roofer did a good job?

To make sure that your roofing contractor in Boston did a good job, all you have to do is to check the quality of the underlayment. You should see if they have effective flashing practices. Other work protocols like cleaning up the mess, managing the transport on their own, etc., should also be considered. You should see if they have a proper system for prime roofing and if their work is organized and in an appropriate manner.

How long is roofing work guaranteed?

A roofing system lasts for about 10 to 25 years depending upon the quality of the roofing and the climate conditions of your area. Whether it is asphalt, concrete, or any other type of roofing, each material has a lifespan. Such as, a fiberglass flat roof system can last for about more than 40 years, and therefore it is the one that is elected more extensively.

Why should you hire a roofing contractor instead of doing it yourself?

It is better to hire a roofing contractor than do it yourself because they are skilled and well aware of all the problems that might arise during the process. Also, with many years of experience, they know the right technique and materials that should be used in a roofing system.

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