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Vinyl Siding Contractors

A house is a big investment, and with so many siding options available, it gets difficult to choose which one will be the most suitable. At Melo’s Construction, we have various types of siding options available. Among the most popular option is vinyl siding in Peabody. They protect the walls as well as give them an elegant look. Also, the vinyl material is pest-resistant and safe from moisture damage. If durability is what you are looking for, then it is the best option as compared to other materials. This affordable and trendy material furthermore is extremely long-lasting and requires low-maintenance. Aside from installation, our vinyl siding contractors also help you with its maintenance and repair. The vinyl siding comes in various colors and options to choose from to match the exterior of the building. Book an appointment with our experts and figure out which siding option is suitable for your requirements. When you choose us for installation, we will also recommend how you can maintain the siding to avoid any serious damage or repair. At Melo’s Construction, we offer installation, repair, & maintenance for the following:

  • Vinyl shake and shingle siding
  • Vinyl horizontal siding
  • Vinyl vertical siding

A Boston Roofing Company with over 30 years of experience

We’ve been serving the Greater Boston area for over 3 decades with our expertise in:

  • Roof replacements & repairs
  • Siding replacements & repairs
Our Process

The Three Steps to a New Boston Roof

Site Visit & Estimation

Site Visit & Estimation

The technical staff at Melo’s Construction visits your site and surveys the location and condition of your roof. They give you a quick and free estimate of the whole project.

Claims & Budgeting

Claims & Budgeting

We create a budget for the project according to your roofing requirements. Our staff will also advise you if you need assistance with a natural disaster or tree damage claim.

Repairing Project

Repairing Project

The project's final step is getting to the roof repairs in North Shore. Our staff arrives at your location with all the necessary materials and immediately gets to work.

The Process For Vinyl Siding Installation

If you are looking for the best vinyl siding installers near me, then hiring us will give you satisfactory results. We understand not correctly installing the vinyl siding can ruin the whole look of the house. Therefore, we arrange a consultation before signing any contract to assess the house as well as understanding your requirements. Once this process is over, you can expect the following things from the appointment:

  • We will deliver the required materials to your house before the appointment. We will keep it in a safe place, so it won’t get damaged.
  • On the appointed day, our workers will reach the site early morning to start the work
  • They will work on the basic structure, and then install the vinyl material.
  • After the completion of the installation, the finishing touches will be done.
  • Once the vinyl siding installation is completed, we will clean the mess from the surroundings.
  • Our duty doesn’t end here. We will walk you through the whole process, and also guide you on how to maintain the siding in order to avoid costly repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

That is a question we get a lot, and its quite easy to answer! This 2 minute video explains how you can do that in more detail.

Yes! On top of our consultation with you, this video explains some of the incredible designs we can install from our incredible shingle manufacturer – GAF!

That is a fantastic question, to answer it shortly, yes. Melo’s Construction is a GAF Factory-Certified Master Elite Roofing Contractor.

master elite certified roofing services

This means that we have fit 4 major criteria set by GAF:

  • Properly Licensed – Licensed by their state (or province) to perform roofing work*
  • Adequately Insured – For your protection
  • Have a Proven Reputation – For providing quality roofing services throughout the Greater Boston community
  • Dedicated to ongoing professional training in order to maintain the highest standards. 

Because of GAF’s stringent standards, only 3% of all roofing contractors have qualified as Master Elite® contractors!

Great question, this is extremely important because we all know someone who has been on the wrong side of an ‘agreement’ with a shady roofer. One of the main thing you should ALWAYS look for is previous customer feedback such as: Are they reliable? How many roofs do they typically handle? Are the previous customers elated with the service they got? On top of all that, here is a great video explaining this question in further detail!

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