The Plum Island

Newbury is a small urban area in the county of Essex, Massachusetts. It is 30.7 miles to the north of Boston. Each village has its own identity, individual voting systems, town offices, and business centers. The estate of Newbury was established in 1635, and the railroad was built in 1850. Before this, major trading was done by ships. This town is known for its seaports, tourist sites, and parts of the Plum Island. Newbury’s economy depends heavily on agriculture, and it is a big supplier of eggs, milk, and poultry. The place is residential now and incorporates unique, fine, and fascinating architecture.

Roofing Contractors in Newbury

According to the census of 2017, the town incorporates a total of 7079 people, 2514 households, and 1815 families. With time, these numbers are increasing gradually, and so are the roofing and repair needs. The weather varies in the town, and a sudden adverse weather change can cause a rising demand for roofing contractors in Newbury, and many residents start searching for the nearby roofing companies.

The Most Competent Roofing Company – Melos Construction

Since the 1990s, Melos Construction has been the most reputable company in the roofing market. We cover all the towns in Massachusetts and provide quality services. Our great customer care services have given us the honor of being the best roofers in the industry. We offer reliable commercial and residential services and use expert tools, high-quality materials, and the most steadfast techniques to do the job. We have cost-effective roofing services that are admired and opted by our customers on a larger scale. In short, Melos Construction has been the most growing and capable roofing company in the market to date.

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The Three Steps to a New Boston Roof

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Onsite Visit

Our professionally trained and experienced personnel will do an onsite visit for repairs or a new installation. Our team takes into account all aspects, gutters, windows, siding as well as any interior leaks.

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Claims and Budgeting

If you require assistance with claims for ice, wind, or tree damage, we will help you call the claims department.Our expert roofing contractors will advise on the best options according to your budget and needs.

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Work and Completion

Once you get the insurance paperwork, please send us a copy, sign a contract, pick a color and Melo's Construction will get started right away. Rest assured, your work is being handled by the best roofing contractors in the area.

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How Can I Determine If My Roof Is In Need of Repair/Replacement?
That is a question we get a lot, and its quite easy to answer! This 2 minute video explains how you can do that in more detail.

What Is The Standard Process For A Roof Replacement?
Yes! On top of our consultation with you, this video explains some of the incredible designs we can install from our incredible shingle manufacturer – GAF!

Do You Have Any Relevant Certifications?
That is a fantastic question, to answer it shortly, yes. Melo’s Construction is a GAF Factory-Certified Master Elite Roofing Contractor.
master elite certified roofing services
This means that we have fit 4 major criteria set by GAF:
  • Properly Licensed – Licensed by their state (or province) to perform roofing work*
  • Adequately Insured – For your protection
  • Have a Proven Reputation – For providing quality roofing services throughout the Greater Boston community
  • Dedicated to ongoing professional training in order to maintain the highest standards. 
Because of GAF’s stringent standards, only 3% of all roofing contractors have qualified as Master Elite® contractors!
What Criteria Should I Look For In A Roofing Contractor?
Great question, this is extremely important because we all know someone who has been on the wrong side of an ‘agreement’ with a shady roofer.  One of the main thing you should ALWAYS look for is previous customer feedback such as: Are they reliable?  How many roofs do they typically handle? Are the previous customers elated with the service they got? On top of all that, here is a great video explaining this question in further detail!

Get your Roofing Project Started Today!

Get your Roofing Project Started Today!