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Boxford, a quaint and tranquil town, traces its roots back to 1646 when Abraham Redington established it as part of Rowley Village. Officially recognized in 1685, it sheltered forty families at the time. These settlers primarily engaged in farming, with a sprinkling of skilled craftsmen in the mix. Industry-wise, the area was home to the region's largest match factory, which ceased operations in 1905.

Noteworthy spots dot Boxford, like the Boxford State Forest, offering idyllic walking trails through picturesque woodlands. The intriguing Witch Hollow Farm, also known as the Tyler-Wood House, stands as a historic landmark since its construction in 1727. One of its former residents, Rebecca Eames, faced a witch trial during the Salem Witch Hunt of 1693, lending the house a national reputation as a Haunted House.

Could it be that even the spirits are unsatisfied with their current Boxford roofing contractors?

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Why Hire the Best Roofing Contractor In Boxford, MA?

Humor aside, a leaky roof is no laughing matter - just ask the individual (or ghost) dealing with it. Nor is the sight of broken shingles or the sound of squeaky structures a pleasant experience. There's a multitude of reasons why compromising on your roof isn't a wise choice.

A shelter is officially termed a "roof over one's head" for a reason. So, why gamble with the protection of your home? Irrespective of your locale, having a construction expert who's intimately acquainted with the area is non-negotiable. And who better than the longest-standing construction provider to trust?

Melo's Construction, one of the leading roofing companies in Boxford for the past three decades, has the experience and expertise to keep you worry-free with regard to your roofing needs.

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Boxford MA Roofing Contractors Since The 1990s

Melo's Construction proudly stands as Boxford’s trusted roofing contractors since the 1990s. Our enduring presence speaks volumes about the exceptional roofing service we provide, rooted in top-notch workmanship and unmatched customer care. Our Boxford clients have been the cornerstone of our journey, acknowledging our commitment to meeting their roofing needs.

Their continued reliance on our services and referrals to others is a testament to our reliability. As a Boxford resident, reaching out to us ensures not only quality roofing but also siding and related carpentry work. Our services come at competitive rates that align with your needs. For roofing services in Boxford that you can trust, contact us today. We're here to safeguard your home with skill and dedication.

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Serene Boxford

A small and serene town Boxford was first settled in 1646; initially, it was set up by Abraham Redington as a part of Rowley Village. When it was officially recognized in 1685, it had forty families living in it. The main occupation of its residents was farming, although there were several craftsmen as well. As far as industry was concerned, the largest match factory of the area was located there; it shut down in 1905. It has several interesting areas, such as the Boxford State forest that has numerous walking trails that take you through scenic forest areas. The infamous Witch Hollow Farm is also known as the Tyler-wood house, is also here, built in 1727; one of its resident’s Rebecca Eames, was tried as a witch in 1693 during the Salem Witch hunt; this house is nationally recognized as a Haunted House. Maybe the ghosts are unhappy with their current Boxford roofing contractors?


Why Hire the Best Roofing Contractors in Boxford?

Jokes aside, a leaky roof is no laughing matter, ask the person (ghost) dealing with it. Neither are seeing broken shingles or hearing squeky structures, need we go on? There are many reasons why you should not compromise when it comes to the roof. A shelter is officially called a roof over one’s head, so why take the risk with your housing. Regardless of the environment or area you live in; you need someone who knows the construction of that area like the back of their hand; the longest standing construction provider would be the best. Melos Construction, the leading roofing contractors in Boxford for the past three decades, has the experience and expertise to keep you worry-free with regards to your roofing needs.


Boxford MA Roofing Contractors since the 1990s

Only Melos Construction has the recognition of being Boxford MA roofing contractors since the 1990s. We couldn’t have lasted that long had we not been providing exceptional work and excellent customer services to our many clients in Boxford. Their acknowledgment of our work in living up to their roofing needs is why they still call on us to this day and refer us to others. If you’re a resident of Boxford, get in touch with us now for your roofing, siding and related carpentry work. We will offer you our services at the most competitive rates.

Boxford's Premier Roofing Service

An area with such a heritage deserves structures that echo its legacy, safeguarding the stories etched within historical walls. It’s not just about weatherproofing; it’s about crafting a protective layer that resonates with Boxford’s past. As one of the distinguished roofing companies in Boxford, Melo’s Construction comprehends this fusion of function and sentiment. Each shingle we lay reflects the very essence of Boxford.

While times evolve, our dedication to preserving history while providing cutting-edge roofing service in Boxford remains unwavering. Rely on a company that doesn’t just roof homes but also cherishes legacies. Experience craftsmanship that stands as a tribute to Boxford’s spirit.


Professional Contractors

Experienced and expertly training {service} contractors who know all the ins & outs of your Boston roofing project

Only the highest quality materials for a quality finished product Exemplary Customer Service at all time


We have partnered with some of the most reliable local and national suppliers to get high-quality and durable materials to fix your roof. We get these materials for low prices because they’re bought from the national and regional markets.

Our Process

The Three Steps to a New Boston Roof

Site Visit & Estimation

Site Visit & Estimation

The technical staff at Melo’s Construction visits your site and surveys the location and condition of your roof. They give you a quick and free estimate of the whole project.

Claims & Budgeting

Claims & Budgeting

We create a budget for the project according to your roofing requirements. Our staff will also advise you if you need assistance with a natural disaster or tree damage claim.

Repairing Project

Repairing Project

The project's final step is getting to the roof repairs in North Shore. Our staff arrives at your location with all the necessary materials and immediately gets to work.


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That is a question we get a lot, and its quite easy to answer! This 2 minute video explains how you can do that in more detail.

Yes! On top of our consultation with you, this video explains some of the incredible designs we can install from our incredible shingle manufacturer – GAF!

That is a fantastic question, to answer it shortly, yes. Melo’s Construction is a GAF Factory-Certified Master Elite Roofing Contractor.

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This means that we have fit 4 major criteria set by GAF:

  • Properly Licensed – Licensed by their state (or province) to perform roofing work*
  • Adequately Insured – For your protection
  • Have a Proven Reputation – For providing quality roofing services throughout the Greater Boston community
  • Dedicated to ongoing professional training in order to maintain the highest standards. 

Because of GAF’s stringent standards, only 3% of all roofing contractors have qualified as Master Elite® contractors!

Great question, this is extremely important because we all know someone who has been on the wrong side of an ‘agreement’ with a shady roofer. One of the main thing you should ALWAYS look for is previous customer feedback such as: Are they reliable? How many roofs do they typically handle? Are the previous customers elated with the service they got? On top of all that, here is a great video explaining this question in further detail!

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