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Roofing Installation: 6 Worst Mistakes You Should Avoid – Our Guide

Your roof protects you from the harsh sun rays, strong winds, rain, snow, dirt, and debris. This is why choosing the kind of roofing that is right for your needs requires a lot of thought and consideration. 

To avoid installing low-quality roofing and hiring roof contractors with sloppy workmanship that can lead you to waste tons of money, it is important to learn more about the basics of roofing. As your trusted roofing contractor in Andover, we summed up some of the most common roofing mistakes that you should be aware of and avoid at all costs:

Incorrect shingles

The hips and ridges of your roof are constantly exposed to extreme weather conditions and other elements, including the highest wind speeds and the heaviest rain. To address this, ask your roofing contractor to supply you with specialized shingles for hips and ridges. Since these are more durable than the regular shingles, you are less likely to experience roof leaks.

Improper shingles installation

Keeping the shingles in place and making sure they are securely fastened is the most important part of installing a roof. Your shingles should also be attached in a way that prevents possible damages in the future, particularly when using asphalt shingles that are prone to tearing. 

Rely on our team of roofing contractors in Andover to help you ensure that your shingles are attached firmly.

Inadequate attic ventilation

The key to keeping your roof in tip-top condition and preventing it from having premature aging is through attic ventilation. Unfortunately, this is a common roofing mistake that leads to excessive heat or moisture buildup and roof damage. 

When hiring a roofing contractor, ask them about your attic ventilation. Make sure that you are following the currently recommended building codes that use one square foot of vent space per 150 square feet of attic floor. 

Insufficient attic insulation

Missing to install insulation in your attic will cause the easy transfer of heat or cold from outside your property to your home’s interior, causing your living space to become overheated or extremely cold. Too much heat in your attic can cause warping and other damage to your roof deck, which can cause costly roof repair.

Mismatched shingles

Shingles come in various types, which include standard and specialized ones. 

To choose the correct type of shingles, you have to determine first the type and style of your roofing. Since roofing varies depending on the manufacturer, ask your roofer to order all the shingles from only one manufacturer to ensure the cohesiveness and consistency of your shingles.

Missing leak barriers

Leak barriers are areas of your roof that are at higher risk of leaks. These create a watertight seal in spots, which include roof edges, roof penetrations, and the spots where slopes meet, such as chimneys and skylights. Keep the key areas of your roof protected by installing leak barriers.


Investing in a top-notch roof and making sure it is installed correctly keeps you, your loved ones, and your valuables protected. To ensure that your roof is installed properly, turn only to experienced and qualified roof contractors who use materials with the highest quality and provide exceptional customer service.

Let our skilled roofing contractors in Andover, MA, help you deal with your roof concerns. We specialize in providing comprehensive roofing services that are customized to your needs. Contact us to learn more about what we offer.

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