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Roof Renovations: 3 Tips in Doing Construction Amid COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has forced people to prioritize their safety against the virus. However, just because the world is facing a health crisis doesn’t mean that you can let go of your other living needs. One of the many industries affected by the coronavirus pandemic is the construction and development sector, which makes it problematic for homeowners that require repairs and renovations.

Construction amid the pandemic

Home renovation and house repair are necessary for homeowners who need to upgrade and reinforce their properties for harsher weather conditions. Roof replacement, in particular, needs to be done during spring and summer seasons in anticipation of storms, hail, and even snow.

In this article, we will share three tips in having a roof replacement amid COVID-19:

1. Communicate with your contractor through virtual mediums

Knowing how to use technology to your advantage in delivering information will allow you to communicate with your contractor. Many businesses have adapted their operations to apply social distancing protocols in providing their service. Yet, there is more than one way to conduct business with your chosen contractors without having to see them in person.

You can communicate with them through emails, texts, or even video calls to give the specifics about the repairs or renovations that your roof needs. Besides showing your project’s details, you and your contractor can also discuss and schedule a project timeline that allows you to prepare beforehand for their arrival and on-site construction. Ask your contractor what their preferred medium is so that you can keep an open line of communication before, during, and after your roof renovation project.

2. Deliver virtual estimates of your roof’s damage and dimensions

The best way to help your contractor achieve their job faster is by giving an accurate assessment of your roof’s repairs or renovations. If you have visible damages in your home, you can send close-up photos or videos to provide them with an estimate of what materials they’ll need to bring to your home. Some apps can give an accurate estimate of the measurements of your photos, even without the use of a physical measuring tool.

The same information can also be delivered to you by your contractors. Once they’re on-site, they’ll be able to give you updates through live videos and photos of their work so that they can fairly quote you with the materials and treatments they used regarding the roof improvements that you need.

3. Maintain social distancing through virtual communication

Roof repairs or replacements can last from one to two days, depending on the extent of the damage. Building contractors don’t need to go inside their clients’ homes for roof repair unless the repairs need to reach inside the house’s interiors. With the current pandemic, it’s highly recommended that you avoid having face-to-face business transactions. However, it would be best if you still stayed indoors while work is being done to the exterior of your home.

You should remember to wear proper protection when conversing in person and try as much as possible to keep communication through virtual methods. This allows you to limit in-person contact while still having an open line of communication with you with regards to the progress of the repairs.


Many businesses will have to observe the requirements for social distancing moving forward in a post-COVID-19 world. Customers and service providers alike will need to get used to these changes to their lifestyles. The best way to adapt to a new living situation is to utilize the modern tools that are available, such as using online and digital transactions, to make sure that you’re safe from harm.

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