Roof Inspection Service That Saves You Thousands

Roof Inspection Service That Saves You Thousands Blog

The regular roof inspection service is a safeguard to help you avoid expensive repairs. As a general rule, the sooner you identify the issue, the cheaper the repairs will be. If you are squeamish about heights, don’t worry, we are here to help!

Add an inspection service twice a year to your calendar, and Melos Construction experts will make sure to address any roof issues. Not only that, but we also make the necessary repair for our customers. Want to know what’s included in our inspection services? Keep on reading.

Roof Inspection Service Checklist

Ideally, homeowners should prefer to get roof inspection twice a year, but when storms hit the area, you should call us to ensure nothing was damaged.

Bad weather or not, our experts will check the following for you:

Curling and Buckling Shingles

These two are entirely different from each other. The curling shingle means the edges are bent outwardly, whereas, with the buckling shingle, it will appear as wrinkled – meaning it looks like something beneath is pushing the center. Both these issues occur due to a poorly ventilated attic. So, during the appointment, our team will make sure to check for this specific concern.

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Granules in the Gutter

The granules have an essential part to play for shingles – it adds beauty and reflects the sun’s rays to prevent damages. You will know they have started to get damaged once you see the pieces in the gutter. It can happen for several reasons, including high foot traffic, storms, and wear and tear.

No matter the reason, it will speed up the roof aging, so it’s among the first things we will inspect during our residential roofing service.

Moss on the Roof

If you don’t mind green things growing on your roof, then it’s time you think again! It is a massive problem for the roof. It soaks and keeps the moisture for a very long time that can cause deterioration and cause leaks.

Once you see moss growth, call us right away. We mostly take care of it with simple cleaning and scrubbing.

Apart from what is mentioned above, the other reasons that can cause the issue includes:

  • The flashings are poorly installed.
  • There are no gutters.
  • Some parts of the roof appear to sag.

Did you know any roof inspection is incomplete without indoor inspection? At Melos Construction, we make sure to never miss out on anything and inspect the roof properly to save you from expensive repairs. The thing we look out for includes:

Ceiling Discoloration

An obvious sign of roof damage is the discoloration of the ceiling. It happens when moisture enters through the roof. Even if you catch it without inspection service, call us now. We send over experts to repair the problem to keep you protected from severe damage.

Getting ahead of your roof problems is the only way to keep your family safe and keep your maintenance expenses to the minimum. We offer an extensive roof inspection service to ensure everything is taken care of and you don’t have to face any issues.

While you are saving money from repair, you can invest it in getting cedar impressions siding that will completely transform your house, making it look new by adding an extra layer of protection. If you want to know more, call us at (978) 375 1958.

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