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Our clients can rest assured, as we make sure that their roof repairs are covered by insurance. We’re experts in this area, so you won’t be disappointed. Give a read to the guide below to become familiar with how we deal with the insurance claim process. Get in touch with us today.

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First, determine your insurance type based on the policy.

Usually, there are two types of roof insurance policies, i.e. Replacement Cost Value or RCV and Actual Cash Value or ACV. Most of the insurance policies are of RCV nature, still, it is essential to confirm which one is applicable for your claim.

Before Starting the Claim Process, Get a Roof Inspection

The first step towards starting a claim is to contact the insurance company. Make them know that you are filing a claim for roof replacement or repair.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Insurance Claim

How to File For an Insurance Claim ?

Step 1 – Call the insurance company to let them know about filing a claim for roof repairs or replacement.
Step 2 – If your insurance company asks for a reason to claim, let them know you had a roof inspection and have a detailed report on it.
Step 3 – They will assign you a claim number, and will tell you to wait for their field insurance adjuster.
Step 4 – Then the adjuster will contact you to book an appointment.
Step 5 – Share those details with us and let our representative meet him on your behalf to discuss details. We make sure you get a fair assessment.

How The Deductible Is Determined ?

The percentage of deductible highly depends on the value of your house. It usually is 2% for storms like a hurricane, while 1% is set for the damages caused by wind or hail. The deductible is the only amount homeowner has to pay out of their pocket. To determine your deductible, carefully review your insurance policy.

Does Filing A Claim Increases The Premium Rates ?

No, if a claim is made for storm damages, each insurance company knows they are uncontrollable, so you won’t have to worry about premium rates. Furthermore, these rates increase on a collective basis for a whole area rather than individually.

Do We Offer Help For Insurance Claiming ?

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