Has Your Home Roof Suffered Storm Damage? Residential Roofing Contractors Can Repair it for You

Has Your Home Roof Suffered Storm Damage_ Residential Roofing Contractors Can Repair it for You Blog

Storm damage is one of the more common types of damages your roof may get. Even though your home roof is meant to handle most of what the weather throws at it, storms can push your home roof to its limits and can damage it in the process. This is where residential roofing contractors such as us at Melos Construction come in, and we offer storm repair services to homeowners dealing with a damaged roof after a major storm. There are different types of storm damage that you may experience on your roof after a storm. We are equipped with the expertise and equipment to restore your roof to its original glory, and in this article, we will tell you how exactly we can help repair it.

How our Residential Roofing Company can Help with Storm Damage?

When a storm passes through your area, you must go and inspect your home roof for damage as soon as it is safe to go outside. The self-inspection will be the first step towards repairing your home roof, and the sooner you detect the damage, the sooner you can call our residential roofing company for repairs. Look for any leaks in the home interior, especially the attic, and carefully look for any broken or damaged shingles on your roof. If you happen to detect signs of damage from the storm, the next step is to get in touch with us and call us for an inspection. Once our expert team arrives at your home for an assessment of the storm damage, you can expect the following steps from our team:

Assessment: Our staff will take a closer look at the extent of damage that your home roof has suffered and pinpoint the areas that have been damaged. During this step, our staff will ensure there is no debris or broken shingles that can fall off the roof and cause injuries.

Repair estimates: Once our team has inspected the storm damage and made sure they have gone through all the structural and external components of your roof, our staff will give you an estimate for the repairs. This step helps you prepare for the financing of roof repairs. Depending upon the extent of damage, you may have to replace a few shingles or a significant portion of your home roof. It is best to hire a roofing company that gives you a free estimate of the roof repair, such as us, since you wouldn’t want to pay a fee to get an estimate for the total expected cost for repairs.

Roof repair/replacement: Once you have received an estimate for the storm damage repair and complete the necessary paperwork, our staff will start. As mentioned above, depending upon the extent of damage, you may be able to get away with a repair, or you may have to get the roof replaced if the damage is not repairable.

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