Sound Roofing against Boston Thunderstorms with our Reliable Roof Inspection Service

Sound Roofing against Boston Thunderstorms with our Reliable Roof Inspection Service Blog

Boston, being a coastal city has a continental climate; cold and snowy winters and warm summers with frequent thunderstorms. Getting around 10-30 stormy days each year is challenging and turning your roofs into strong facades for such severe climatic conditions is very hard. Melos Construction, with its head office in Peabody, is always at hand for the residents of Boston, Massachusetts. We have both the experience of the environment as well as an understanding of what exterior is required for it. This is why our construction company offers a reliable roof inspection service.

Our Roof Inspection Service is Climate Centric

Whether you are building a new home and want renovation or repair; we help you make wise decisions regarding color, material and required masonry. We know roofing here in Boston gets recurring damages. Our prime goal is to keep the repair expenditure within your budget and for it, we provide minimalist solutions. It’s not like you call us for a simple repair and we hand over a large bill to you. Our roof inspection service minutely analyzes the condition of the area and then lets you know what process is required to restore the specific part and make it workable. Sometimes, only a little part needs to be replaced or repaired and the roofing gets intact.

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Round the clock service and support

Due to emergency situations, we have deployed our service and support staff right according to your needs. No matter what service you need, just contact support and you will find instant solutions.

Roof Replacement Estimation and Service

The roof of the house gets damaged due to frequent storms, rainfall, and snow. It may become unreliable due to being old and this is not something you can compromise on. We provide cost-effective and smart repair plans after analyzing whether you need a complete replacement or just repair of a few leakages and shingles. Based on the required process, we assign a timeline to our residential roofing service team and they meet the targets within that.

Chimney Service and Repair

Chimneys of the homes often get cracked and need repair. They also need repetitive cleaning or they get choked. This is something that cannot be done by the domestic staff. It is quite a tough job that needs professional skills and technical tools. We provide every sort of chimney maintenance service, from cleaning of soot to masonry, if required. Melos Construction team estimates what type of remedy your chimney needs and provides solutions i.e. reconstruction, tuck-pointing or parging.

Gutter Installation and Repair

Keeping the gutters of your roof always functional is very important. It needs constant sweeping or the material either gets rusty or chocks the flow. Choked gutters during snowfall and rain are nothing but stress for the residents. They end up in leakage and seepage which damages the building even more. As soon as you make a call our residential roofing service approaches you and analyzes what is needed. We do not suggest you anything that works for the time being and then turns into trouble. Depending on your gutter condition, we advise reinstallation or repair.

Vinyl and Cedar Impressions Siding; Eco-friendly Solutions

Wood for construction purposes is ideal and nothing can replace its elegance and organic richness. Here again, we prefer processed materials because they can stand the intense climatic condition in a far better way. Your desired exterior goals are long-lasting material and an aesthetic touch. Vinyl and cedar Impressions Siding offer both. Sidings of a house are something very crucial as well as costly. We do not compromise on its installation material also and use the best bricks, fiber cement, wood and stone.

Boston, receiving 47 inches of rain and 48 inches of snow per year is way ahead in precipitation as compared to the rest of the US. Even finely finished and polished wood cannot do the job that these artificial materials can do. Wood ultimately gets damp and saggy that ends up on replacement. This is why our roof inspection service prefers polymer materials, which neither get wet nor dampened.

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