3 Myths About Metal Roofing Debunked By Roofing Contractors In Boston

3 Myths About Metal Roofing Debunked By Roofing Contractors In Boston Blog

Metal roofs are commonly associated with industrial structures such as factories and barns. For this reason, it was a while before people began considering metal roofs as a viable alternative for their homes.

Metal roofs have seen an increase in popularity in recent years. According to roofing contractors in Boston, Because of their long-lasting quality, energy efficiency, and versatility, metal roofs have become increasingly popular among homeowners. People still have certain misconceptions about them despite this.

Commercial property owners have long favored metal, but metal’s appeal is now catching on with homes. Metal roofs can have an impact on summertime indoor temperatures, and that’s something to think about.

One of the most common questions asked by roofing contractors in Boston is how the summer heat affects the inside temperature of a house. No matter what time of year, you need roofing material to keep your home safe from the harsh weather. Let’s look at how the summer heat affects the metal roof of your property.

This article will debunk common misconceptions about metal roofs and explain why they are a great option for your home.

Myth 1: Metal Roofs Are Too Heavy

The fact that metal roofs are lightweight materials makes the first myth a humorous exaggeration.

Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing materials, but metal roofs are up to half as heavy as that standard option. According to roofing contractors in Bostonmetal roofs are your best bet if you’re looking for a thin covering for your roof.

Some homeowners typically add metal roofs when replacing the asphalt shingles on their roofs. Due to its lightweight, the additional metal roof does not affect them in terms of extra weight.

Myth 2: Metal Roofs Cause The Temperature To Raise

Contrary to popular belief, this second myth regarding metal roofs is also untrue!

Because metal is in the name, it is good at conducting heat. This assumption can lead you to believe that metal roofing would instantly overheat your interiors, but this is not the case. Metal roofing is excellent in reflecting the sun’s heat rather than absorbing it.

Asphalt shingles, on the other hand, are the most widespread and least heat-resistant roofing material. Asphalt shingles and drastically heating your home can increase your electricity costs throughout the summer.

Metal roofs have a lower thermal mass than other roofing options since they are lighter in weight. To maintain a more comfortable interior temperature, an expert roofing contractor in Boston, such as Melos Construction, will make sure to install them correctly.

Reflective and lightweight, metal roofs can maintain a comfortable temperature. This is because metal, especially a light-colored metal roof, can reflect the sun’s rays instead of absorbing them.

Keep the temperature down by using a lighter roof color rather than one that absorbs more heat. In addition, metal roofs cool more quickly than shingles since they are lighter. Your home shouldn’t overheat if your metal roof is high quality and correctly fitted.

You can save up to $40 a year on your heating and cooling bills by installing metal roofing on your home by an expert roofing contractor in Boston.

Myth 3: Metal Roofing Is Too Expensive

We can’t refute this, but we can’t completely rule it out. The cost of installing metal roofs is, in fact, higher than other roofing materials, according to roofing contractors in Boston.

On the other hand, the long-term cost savings from metal roofing are substantial. More than other roofing materials, metal roofs are more long-lasting and durable. They also don’t require a lot of major roof repairs in North Shore.

Furthermore, metal roofing will not need to be replaced for 40 to 60 years or more. Asphalt shingles last only a few years; however, this will last for decades! Metal roofs may be more expensive, but the long-term benefits far outweigh the initial expenditures.

Bonus: Metal Roofing Has Cooling Factors

The temperature within the house will depend on how your roofing materials are installed and how your metal roof affects it. Here’s how to get your roof ready to last the summertime without damage:

  • Quality ventilation and insulation are a huge plus for metal roofs, allowing air to flow out of your attic and cool down your house. With greater insulation, your home will stay cooler in the summer since less heat will escape via your attic.
  • Your metal roof’s reflecting qualities depend on the finish or covering used. To keep your roof cool, use many coatings that reflect sunlight.
  • Darker hues like black or dark gray absorb more heat, while lighter colors like white or gray have a lower surface temperature.

Bottom Line

Metal is a great option for a long-lasting and reliable roofing material for your home. You can enjoy this investment for many years if you hire an expert roofing contractor in Boston to install these solutions in your home.
Melos Construction is the company to call if you’re looking for reputable roofing companies in Boston to handle your roof repairs in North Shore. Because we are Boston’s top roofing business, you can relax knowing that our experts will do an excellent job on your home’s roof.

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