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If you are looking for construction or repair of roofing in Boston and North shore, we are the native roof inspection service here. Melos construction has got an ideology behind its business and that is providing specialized services to its clients. Our business started 30 years back with the sound analysis of already existing businesses in the industry. What we came up with is that every sort of roofing service, side work and woodwork can be provided at comparatively low rates. And today, we take pride in rendering a high-end service to our clients at very affordable rates!

Why there’s a need for Reliable Roof Inspection Service

We understand that both these cities located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean get cold currents and frequent thunderstorms. Worn out roofs, eroded roofs and no roofs at all; this is what often brings life here at high stakes. Getting roofs checked here is not something once in a lifetime or even yearly, people rather need to get a full roof inspection service every six months. This is why we went for a roofing service that is verily aligned with the local needs, most specifically affordability.

How Melos Makes the Difference for the Local Residents?

Coastal weather is unpredictable and thunderstorms and gusty sea breezes keep knocking at the doors. Having a constant check on the roof, walls, and other woodwork is essential. Our business believes in maintaining quality in every part of your construction. Not just roofing, we are also high-end vinyl siding contractors. We make the construction and repair of your roofs and walls quite quickly at comparatively cheaper rates. This is how we do that:

Resources at a fraction of the price

We claim that we are affordable for our clients! We make smart purchase decisions and buy material from both local and national resources. We pick the bulk from the dealers who are specialized in their manufacture. Our construction service saves cost and delivers this relief to its clients as well.

24/7 Tip-toe Repair Service

We understand mother earth’s nature and you being residents of a coastline often bear the burns of it. This is why we are always there for you 24/7/365. Our customer support service stays red alert and is just a phone call away to meet your needs.

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Roofing specialist a phone call away

For providing the best service regarding your concerns, we deploy roofing specialists round the clock for you. Either you are looking for any consultation, want to drop a complaint or need an instant solution, we are here for you!

Our expertise in Roofing

We are experienced in both; residential roofing service and also in commercial roofing. Our construction specialty covers all aspects of roofing. No matter whether you own, a one-storied building or multiple; we know every sort of commercial and residential roofing requirement. If you are looking for roof checking, repair, roof service, or chimney service, we are here for you round the clock!

We offer High-Grade Vinyl Siding

Our three decades’ experience in wood construction services has made us maestros. We are one of the premium vinyl siding contractors who provide high-grade exterior siding. The fringe benefits of our vinyl siding are cost-effectiveness and reliability. It’s quickly installed, environment friendly, and requires minimal maintenance.

Elegant Cedar Siding

Our cedar impressions siding is an out-of-the-box construction solution that rightly goes with the local weather. The original cedar fades away with the passage of time due to weathering. The cedar impression shingles and siding bring everlasting perfection to your wall. This processed cedar has blended color all through the shingle, not just on the outer side, which casts an authentic wood texture look.

Three-way Professional Support

We are an expert roof inspection service, as we have years of experience in construction technicalities. We know what to install from inside out of the roof to make it a perfect shelter for you. We truly believe that a bad workman quarrels with his own tools. This is why we are the builders whose main edges are unbeatable tools and high-quality material. Here is how we provide a professional roof repair and construction service:

Professional’s Onsite Survey

Paying a visit to check the exact condition of the roof is crucial for estimating the budget and required material. This is why our experts give a sound analysis of every single part of the roof, from gutters to windows and side panels.

Resolving Claims

In cases of insured roofing, we direct you towards the right procedures to save you from the hassles of getting claims. Once resolved, our contractors provide you with the best solutions within your budget.

Defining Operation Timeline

After signing the construction or repair contract, we give an estimated timeline for the work to be done. Trust us, we don’t make you wait and mostly hit the targets even before the finalized time duration.

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