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Flat Roof Homes: Why Spring Maintenance Is Necessary

One of the problems with flat roofs is that they collect more debris than slanted roofs, making them more prone to damage. Therefore, regular maintenance is necessary to keep them functioning at their best. This is made fairly easy due to its shape, as it allows you to easily walk on top of it and clean off any debris.

The challenge, however, comes during springtime when heavy water flow is expected to become a recurring problem. Additionally, the fluctuating temperatures experienced during this time also have an impact on the whole roof system’s performance. 

Though there are simple maintenance activities you can do on your own, flat-roof homes need a regular inspection from professional roof contractors to make sure there’s no damage before this spring season comes. 

Here are some possible flat roof problems you need to address before then:

1. Physical damages from wintertime

Before spring, your roof will have been scarred by the winter snowfall. In addition to this, it will also have endured the freezing and thawing of snow. There might also be fallen tree branches or birds and animals that are hidden underneath. No matter how expensive or high-quality your roof is, it is prone to holes, leakage, and other forms of damage brought on by wintertime. 

2. Clogged drainage problem on springtime

When debris on your roof, such as leaves, twigs, grains, and dirt, get washed into your drain pipes, they can slow down the flow of water and also start a small pool on your roof. These two situations aren’t ideal. 

The slower the water flows in your pipes, the more debris gets stuck inside them. If this problem isn’t addressed immediately, it can lead to worse draining problems in the future. When there’s pooling on your roof, the water can seep into the material and cause mold to develop later on. This can eventually lead to drips and leaks that can enter your home.

Any homeowner can remove this debris on their own, but professional cleaning is required to remove the debris from the inside of the pipes. Not all types of damage are visible to the untrained eye, so a thorough inspection is necessary to ensure that your pipes and roof are in good condition. Roof contractors can do this quickly, safely, and efficiently, 

3. Wear and tear on summer

One perk of a flat roof is how it can turn into a barbecue space in summer. Similar to having porches or balconies, it is a place where the homeowner can chill and hang with friends or family. These simple activities, however, can also cause wear and tear on your roof. To ensure everyone’s safety come summertime, always have your roof inspected by roof experts. 


Letting professional roofers build your roof from the start will lower the chance of future damage. However, they cannot control the effects the change in season brings, so regular spring maintenance is necessary to keep your home safe and in great condition.

If a problem does occur to your roof, contact an experienced professional to help you fix the issue. Whether you have a flat or pitched roof, trained roof experts can find a solution and prepare your roof for the next season. 

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