Benefit From 24-Hour Emergency Repairs By Roofing Contractors Boston

Benefit From 24-Hour Emergency Repairs By Roofing Contractors Boston Blog

A roof is an integral part of the house, and sometimes it might need emergency repairs due to a storm, or if you had been lingering on the repairs for quite some time, the roof might eventually break down. Then you would have to get immediate repairs for it. Many people have no idea about this, but there are a lot of companies out there like Melos Construction which offer 24-hour emergency roof repairs to its clients. One can get these services easily through calls, chats, and form submissions. These are reachable ways to contact roofing contractors even after working hours to get their services.

Roofing contractors in Boston have an emergency level

At our company, we have two emergency levels. The first degree of emergency roof repair is called when there is a physical risk due to damage. In this scenario, our team will contact you within a few hours. If the situation does not qualify for the first level, it will be assigned to priority level 2. We will contact you within 24-48 hours in this circumstance. Tarping is a technique we employ to give a rapid solution to roofing concerns.

When calling for the 24-hour roofing services, you need to inform what is your emergency for which you need the roofers right away. From that, they will determine which level of emergency repairs you require, and they will send professionals according to that.

Which services can you get in 24 hours emergency roof repairs

Roof problems can be really stressful, and we are aware of that, but not all roof emergencies can be fixed within 24 hours. Though our professionals try our level best, that is just not possible. So, below is a list of emergency roof repairs you can get.

Roof leaks

Roof leaks are common roof problems that the owners of residential houses have to face. The most common cause of roof leaks is storms. It causes the flashings to crack or the shingles to break, ultimately allowing the water to seep into the roof. However, this is a problem that can be easily fixed. Even if your roof has been extensively damaged due to a storm, we will fix it for you.

Fixing a damaged flashing

Repairing a damaged flashing within 24 hours is something that is also doable. Flashing is made up of steel and aluminum, and you might think of it to be sturdier than your shingles or tiles, but a heavy storm can end up damaging it. Our professionals can easily fix it by replacing it, and it will be as good as new in a matter of days.

We know that an emergency can happen anywhere at any time, so we make sure to be always available for our customers.

For more details regarding our services contact us, we suggest that you have a look at our frequently asked questions section

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common roof problems?

Roof problems occur with time, and it is something you need to deal with promptly. Here are some common roof problems that occur.

  • Roof leaks
  • Damaged flashing
  • Broken or missing shingles
  • Clogged downspouts
  • Stagnant or pooling water
  • Freezing damage
  • Tree damage
  • Damaged roofing material

Can you repair just a section of a roof?

Yes, you can get a small section of the roof repaired. For example, if you have a few shingles missing and the roof needs a quick fix, you can ask your roofing service to take care of it. However, it is important to remember that if you need to get more than half of your roof repaired, it is always a better option to replace it with a new one as there are high chances of it caving in.

How long do roofers normally guarantee their work?

Your roof, after being built new, your roof can last you around 10 to 12 years easily. That is what the roofing company guarantees you, provided you get timely inspections and maintenance done, and your house is not affected by any natural disaster. Because if that is the case, the life of your roof suffers.

How long does a roof patch last?

Any roofer will normally tell you that the roof patch will last around six months. Getting your roof patched by a reliable roofing company is always a better idea. If you do it yourself, it can cost you more than the roof itself.

What voids a do roof warranty?

Any type of major fixture or maintenance that involves penetration, removal, or shingles can void your roof’s warranty. Post-installation of satellite dishes and start lights can also void the roof warranty. Although start lights look great, they are installed by drilling holes into your roof, which makes it more susceptible to caving in.

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