5 Most Commonly Searched Answers by Roofing Contractors Boston

5 Most Commonly Searched Answers by Roofing Contractors Boston Blog

People have different concerns when it comes to roofing services for their places. Many roofing contractors in Boston offer high-quality and efficient roofing services at very affordable rates. But there are some questions that people want to know before hiring a roofing contractor. This article is all about the answers to the top most commonly searched questions about roofing services.

Top 5 Searched Answers by Roofing Contractors Boston

When hiring a roofing contractor for your place, many questions are roaming in your mind. These top 5 answers given by roofing contractors in Boston will help you understand the roofing process and services in a better way.

What is the Most Appropriate Roofing Material?

When talking about the most appropriate roofing material, the two main factors deciding this answer include the climate and location of your place. But metal roofing is the best and works almost anywhere. It is not just attractive but also has efficient functionality. But two main things to keep in mind about metal roofing is that it is expensive compared to other roofing materials. Also, metal roofing is not suitable for areas with high humidity levels.

Why is Roof Breathing Important for Roofing Maintenance?

According to popular roofing companies in Boston like Melos Construction, roof breathing is important to ensure effective roofing maintenance and services. Attic ventilation is very important for maintaining your home’s temperature and humidity levels. This ventilation prevents extremely cold or hot air from your home. It also keeps the moisture levels in your living space.

One thing to keep in mind about roofing maintenance is to avoid maintaining boxes and other such items in your attic. It is because attic items can disturb the airflow and ventilation of your roofing. If you want to use the attic storage space, prevent crowding it. Also, avoid blocking the vents or damaging the insulation.

What is the Best Roof Cleaning Method?

You can always hire Boston roofing company professionals for efficient roof cleaning. But if you want to clean it yourself, this answer will be very helpful. First, roofing does not need frequent cleaning and functions well without cleaning. But if there is moss or other growth on your roof, then you should better think of cleaning it.

A very effective solution is mixing water and bleach in a garden sprayer. Then spray this mixture onto the affected areas. Use a garden hose for rinsing the scattered sites. But be extra careful when cleaning the roof as it gets very slippery when wet. Moreover, do not use a pressure washer to avoid damage to the ceiling.

What are the Weak Spots of a Roofing?

Regardless of the type of roof, anything that is coming out from the roof plane is potentially a weak spot for your roofing. Flashing around chimneys or protruding things at the joint of the roof and dormer walls are also not good for your roofing health.

When to Get Roofing Inspection by Boston Roofing Company?

The recommended roofing inspection time by any popular Boston roofing company is once in the fall and once in the spring. Ensure a roofing inspection after a storm to determine any damage caused.


These were answers to some of the most commonly asked questions from the roofing contractors in Boston. Hopefully, now you have a better knowledge of the roofing process: materials used in it, its life, maintenance, and much more. We made an effort to provide you with enough information you must be looking out for. It not only helps you but answers all your relevant queries to rush towards the best decision you can make for your ease and satisfaction. Get over it before it’s too late.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to know if your roof is installed correctly?

After the installation of your roof, make sure to conduct a thorough inspection. Ensure all the rubber boots and vents around the penetrations have been replaced properly. Also, check that the flashing in valleys and around chimneys is brand new. Moreover, the color of the roofing should be consistent and clean.

How long does the roofing last?

According to roofing contractors in Boston, the average life of a roof is about 15 years. If your home is in a mild climate area, the average life can be extended up to 25 to 30 years. If your roofing is made of slate or metal, its average life is about 50 years. Always keep in mind that weather affects the lifespan of your roofing significantly. Wind, trees, and extreme sun exposure are not good for your roofing life.

What are Some Modern Roofing Trends?

In the modern roofing trends, metal roofing is the most popular. Though it is expensive, its durability and reliability convince people to get metal roofing done more.

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