What Are The Most Common Roof Repairs Performed by Residential Roofing Contractors?

What Are The Most Common Roof Repairs Performed by Residential Roofing Contractors_ Blog

The roof is one of the most integral components of your home, and maintaining it properly can save you thousands in terms of roof replacement. Residential roofing contractors offer services such as roof inspections and repairs meant to prolong your roof’s lifespan. At Melos Construction, we perform all kinds of roof repairs; however, we get called for some repairs more frequently than others. There is a wide range of roof repairs, and each of them differs in terms of scale and cost. If you are a new homeowner or your home hasn’t had a roof repair in a long time, chances are you are wondering about the roof repairs you might need to do. While every roof repair is essential, some parts need more frequent attention, and this article will tell you about the most common repairs, so read on.                                                         

What are the most common roof repairs performed by Melos Construction?

At Melos Construction, we treat every roof repair with utmost attention and care. Over 30 years of providing our construction-related services, we have noticed that some roofing jobs are more frequent than others. So without further ado, here are some common roof repairs performed by Melos Construction:

Storm damage: Storms are one of the biggest threats to your roof’s integrity, and it is no surprise that storm damage repair is one of the most common repairs we get called in for. Storms bring strong winds and hail along with them, which can leave your roof damaged. However, our 24/7 emergency roof repair services are always available to handle any emergency storm repairs. No matter how severe the storm damage to your roof is, you can count on our experts to assess and repair your damaged roof quickly to protect the rest of your home.

Water leaks: Water leaks are another common roof repair that we have to perform, especially in the rainy season. Heavy rains amplify these vulnerabilities if your roof already has some issues, such as cracks or broken seals. Water can seep through these cracks, and it can reach the interior of your house, which is never a desirable situation. Our expert roofing repair team can fix a leaky roof in no time so your roof can remain water-tight.

Damaged gutters: Gutters are responsible for removing water from the roof and keeping everything nice and dry. Since your roof isn’t meant to pool up with water, clogged or damaged gutters can flood it. Water fails to exit the top correctly, and you run the risk of severe roof damage if you leave the gutters damaged for too long. There are plenty more reasons to repair damaged gutters on time, and our roof gutter specialists can help you with this common roof repair.

Damaged shingles: Shingles are a significant component of your home’s roof, and they are typically the first line of defense your roof structure has against the elements. So whenever there is a big hail storm, the best roofers recommend getting your shingles inspected to ensure that they don’t need to be repaired. So it goes without saying that damaged shingles repair is one of the most common repairs you will have to keep an eye on.

If you suspect that your home roof may need any of the repairs mentioned above, it is time to look up a construction company near me or contact us

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