Common Hazards to Roofing and how our Roof Inspection Service stays Proactive for those

Common Hazards to Roofing and how our Roof Inspection Service stays Proactive for those Blog

Melos construction has been providing premium roofing services both in NorthShore and Boston and also in their surrounding areas. Being natives and understanding the weather conditions of these coastal areas, our roof construction and repair services save the home owners from huge expenditures on roof maintenance. Roof of the house is something that stays out of the sights of homeowners, therefore remains out of mind as well. To be honest the unpredictable thunderstorms and highest precipitation rates in these areas don’t allow this leverage to the dwellers. This is why we offer reliable roof inspection service to keep you saved from any possible hazards which remain unchecked by you.

Different types of Inspection Services that we provide

No matter what type of building you own, residential or official, big or small, our service covers everything. Trust our roofing contractors, as they help you stay proactive in making repairs, which may end up on big losses. Aside from roof inspection service, we also provide repair and maintenance solutions for shingle siding and any type of woodwork. Here we discuss some common roofing problems, which may turn into hazards, if they are not given timely services.

Overhanging Tree Branches

Having trees in the close vicinity of the home adds beauty to the surroundings, but if you have them too close, then they create many problems for the roofing. Trees’ limbs and boughs keep scraping against the roofing or siding of your home, resulting in cracks and leaks. The fallen leaves, mixed up with dust turn into heavy debris, which results in sagging of the roof and also choking the gutters. A dislodged log during a thunderstorm may fall on your roof causing a big damage to the roof. Since trees offer natural habitats to birds and rodents, they may damage the roof by their actions for making nests or burrows. Our residential roofing service is very well aware of all these petty issues that may result in big damage to the roof structure.

Gutters about to wear out

Your roof drain system needs to be properly checked every now and then, especially after heavy rainfall and thunderstorms. During winters, the ice blockages also damage the eaves troughs, stopping the water flow from going in the downspouts. The whole gutter system that is installed to save the roofing and shingles gets choked and allows water to go waywardly all over the building. The eaves troughs overloaded with ice dams get loose and detached from the fascia, resulting in gaps where water can trickle. Our vinyl siding contractors have been making repair services where whole new sidings got ruined due to water action.

Roof Leak Indications

The abnormal drainage system of the roof ultimately destroys it and to avoid this it is better to check the attic and ceilings. The discoloring of the attic and stains of dampness on the ceiling are quite visible signs, if your gutter system has started leaking. A close analysis of skylights and vents also lets you know how the eaves troughs are working. The outside of the roof and shingles also clarify, if there is any issue with the gutter system. But all these surveys need a professional eye that may detect all underlying leakages, which may result in significant expenses in dollars. During repair services, we have analyzed that wood shingles are highly prone to water action. This is why we prefer vinyl or cedar impressions siding in repair and constructions.

Repair of the flashing

Flashing is a kind of covering of inserts that are used to fix vents, skylights, chimneys and satellite dishes on the roofs. It is also used to cover the joints, seams and edges of the roof. With the passage of time and due to wind and water action, it wears out, leaving the holes and lines open for the water to seep. Poor quality installation, extreme weather action and old age can result in the degradation of this very important part of the roofing system. On sighting a single damage to the flashing anywhere in the roof, you must call for a professional help. Chances are you see very simple wearing signs, but at other spots they have turned into grave problems.

Poor Ventilation System

We often don’t pay attention to this important system, devoid of the fact that our roofs need a proper ventilation system to breathe. It is essential for keeping the roof, as well as inside of a home damp free and dry. A poor ventilation system results in making your attic a sauna in summers and covered with frost in winters. Both prove to be great troubles for respective seasons. The increased amount of moisture causes roof sagging. Trust our roof inspection service that if once the wood shingles start rotting, it becomes a big issue. The only solution to it is the entire ripping off the panels and a whole new installation, which is costly and also time taking.

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