What Are Some Common Gutter-Related Myths Residential Roofing Contractors Have To Deal With?

What Are Some Common Gutter-Related Myths Residential Roofing Contractors Have To Deal With_ Blog

Your roof’s gutter system may have been serving you for many years to the point where you may forget about how important they are for your roof. Even though gutters aren’t a complex system and use basic physics principles to move water away from the ceiling, many myths surround them. Residential roofing contractors such as us at Melos Construction routinely have to deal with gutter-related myths that keep homeowners from taking proper care of them. These myths stem from improper research and incomplete knowledge about gutters and how they work in most cases. While we always provide accurate information to anyone who comes to us seeking guidance, the only way to address these myths once and for all is through a blog post. So for anyone who might be wondering about the truth behind common gutter-related myths, we have created this helpful article, and we suggest you keep reading.

Common Gutter Related Myths Debunked by Melos Construction

After spending years in the roofing industry, we have heard almost every myth about gutters and anything roofing-related. Our gutter experts at Melos Construction believe in transparency, and there is no room for misinformation about something as sensitive as your home’s roof. So without further ado, here are some typical gutter related myths and the truth behind them:

You should keep using your old gutters for as long as possible: A common myth related to channels is that you should keep using your old gutter system for as long as possible. However, the truth is that old gutters aren’t as efficient at removing water compared to more modern designs. On top of that, the leaks and poor water flow of old channels can cause significant damage to other structures of your home, such as sidings and walls. So if you have a chance to replace your old ones with new ones, our best Residential Roofing Contractors recommend you get them replaced with more modern ones and save thousands of dollars.

One-piece gutter systems are better than modern two-piece designs: Another myth we have to address regularly is that one-piece gutter systems from several decades ago are better than current two-piece gutters. Since one-piece gutter systems are made of a unified piece, you have to replace the complete channel if the top part gets damaged. However, with two-piece gutter systems, it is a whole different story. If it gets damaged, you can replace the top part since two-piece gutters are made out of separate top and bottom portions. So not only is it easier to repair two-piece gutters, but it also costs less compared to replacing an entire gutter system. That is why the myth that one-piece gutters are a better choice than two-piece gutters is entirely false. A well-designed two-piece gutter system is the way to go if you want reliability and peace of mind.

Gutter guards eliminate the need for cleaning gutters: Gutter guards are popular among homeowners because they claim to offer complete clog protection. However, the truth is that even with gutter guards in place, you still have to clean your gutters regularly to make sure any small objects aren’t clogging the system.

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