Get maintenance service for chimneys from roofing contractors in Boston

Get maintenance service for chimneys from roofing contractors in Boston Blog

Chimneys are essential for a house as they remove hot gases from the heating unit used inside. It is a crucial thing to have in the home as it keeps the air flowing inside your property and keeps the moisture from accumulating. As excessive humidity can not only be bad for your property but also dangerous to your health. Now that we have covered the fact that having a chimney is essential let’s come to the point that it will require regular maintenance. Several factors can affect its working;  in this blog post, we will discuss those and also give you fair reasoning as to why you should often get maintenance services for your chimney from roofing contractors in Boston.

Factors that affect the functioning of a chimney according to roofing contractors in Boston

Deterioration of chimney bricks

The main reason to get regular maintenance of your chimney is that over time, the bricks and the mortar joints in the chimney begin to deteriorate. It is a natural process that happens when bricks and mortar get exposed to elements such as rain, snow, ice, and wind. If the problem prevails, the chimney can lean or completely collapse, which obviously is going to affect its functioning.

Having no chimney crown over the chimney

No chimney crown over the chimney is another factor that affects its functioning. The main purpose of this crown or cap over a chimney is to prevent the moisture from going inside. If the moisture gets inside the chimney and accumulates, it can cause damage to the masonry, lining, firebox, damper, ceilings, and the wall in your house. Not only this, but the chimney crowns also help in keeping debris, animals, and other things like that out.

Cracks in the flue

Stress like heat and deposits of flammable substances affect the chimney lining greatly. And this lining can deteriorate when moisture combines with the creosote (a black tar substance in the chimney). Once the lining gets cracked, it needs to be replaced. Otherwise, there is a risk of your property catching fire. Determining whether the flue (lining in the masonry chimney) is in good condition can be difficult to figure out. So, here, getting the regular maintenance of your chimney is highly important.

Why get maintenance for these from roofing contractors in Boston

Prevent your property from fire

You need to get maintenance for your chimney from Melos Construction so that the chances of your property catching fire are significantly reduced; the answer to this is as simple as that. As we discussed earlier, if the bricks and the mortar joints deteriorate, it will not only be harmful to your property but also to your health.

It will prevent the chimney from deteriorating

Water is your chimney’s greatest enemy, and if it gets accumulated, it can weaken the structural integrity of your house.  Moisture and the elements may be quite damaging to your chimney. They can harm the walls and floor around your fireplace and compromise your flue’s structural integrity. You must ensure that your chimney waterproofing, chase cover, crown, and flashing are all in good working order.

To begin, waterproof your chimney. Using a water sealant on the exterior of your flue will keep moisture from eroding bricks and mortar and entering your home. The cover allows the smoke to escape but does not allow the moisture to accumulate, so it is a win-win situation.

We are going to discuss more details in our commonly asked questions about Chimney Service section so make sure that you read them too.

Commonly Asked Questions

What affects the draw of a chimney?

The size of the fireplace, chimney height, flue diameter, and other elements may all influence how well a chimney draws on a fireplace. The drought is a key factor in having a fire in your house.

How much does it cost to fix a chimney roof?

Typically, the cost to replace chimney flashing ranges from $300 to $1,500, while the cost to repair chimney flashing is from $200 to $500. Expect to pay up to $2,000 for bigger stone or brick chimneys that require flank flashing and a more involved installation process.

When should a chimney be replaced?

A well-built and maintained chimney may be estimated to survive for 50 to 100 years! But here’s the thing: many have not been adequately maintained during their lifespan. It is also critical to evaluate your chimney before moving into a new house and then yearly afterward.

How do I know if my chimney needs a new liner?

If your chimney liner has cracks or is broken, it is time to replace it. Some flue might never have had a liner put in, and if yours’ does not have one, one must be fitted.

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