Asphalt Shingles vs Slate Shingles: Which One Should You Choose?

Is it time to get a roof replacement for your home? Researching online, you might’ve encountered recommendations of getting shingles for roofing. Some might think that shingles are used for cosmetics only, but they do provide adequate roof protection. 

When it comes to shingles, there are two types that often get commendation—the asphalt and the slate. Which one should you get? They may look the same for some, but they have a lot of differences. Here’s a closer look at the differences between an asphalt and slate shingles roofing:

On cost

Asphalt is the material often recommended for projects with a budget. It is one of the most economical-friendly materials used to make a roof. The slate roof, on the other hand, will cost you thousands more than an asphalt roof. 

On the installation process

Installing asphalt shingles in a roof isn’t as simple as it looks, but it will require less expertise than installing a slate roof tile. Some manufacturers of asphalt shingles include in their package the installation of a complete roofing system, which covers the gutter, flashing, and other necessary materials. 

On lifespan

Asphalt shingles have a lifespan of around 30 years. You need proper installation and maintenance to make them last that long. Slate shingles, on the other hand, can last and remain intact for up to a hundred years. It has been used to make roofs for a few centuries.

On appearance

Because of its overall cleaner look, a roof made from slate looks more aesthetically pleasing, but if you need more color options, asphalt shingles have more varieties. Matching your roof’s color with your house and the whole neighborhood will not be a problem with asphalt shingles. 

On durability

When it comes to how long-lasting these materials are, slate shingles win the battle. They are water-resistant and can withstand high winds, rain, heavy snow, and even fire. Though more expensive, they are a good investment because of their durability. Asphalt, on the other hand, is prone to damages. Its material is sensitive to temperature changes, and the tiles are lightweight that can be blown off by a strong wind. Once an asphalt tile gets damaged, it may also cause other tiles surrounding it to weaken.  

On its effect on the environment

Slate shingles are environmentally friendly. They are made from rocks with some added composites. Though more expensive, they are one of the greenest roofing materials available in the market. Asphalt shingles are cheaper, but their production is harmful to the environment. 


This article should’ve given you an idea of what the pros and cons of each type of shingles, but identifying the right roofing material for your house will require a more thorough understanding of other living concerns and factors. No matter what material you choose, proper installation is necessary to make it last longer. To get the best roof according to your need, consult with roofing contractors who can give you the best advice. 

To learn more about the proper roofing to get for your house, contact us at Melo Construction. We offer roof replacement in Lynnfield, MA, and nearby areas. 

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