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A Boston Homeowner’s Guide to Roof Restorations – What to Know

As more Boston homeowners are presented with opportunities to turn their houses into the homes they’ve always dreamed of, the home improvement industry is taking the world by storm. 

From homemade swimming pools and DIY gazebos to deep tile cleaning and lighting fixture replacement projects, there is a wide range of opportunities to transform your home into one worthy of a magazine spread. Thanks to the rise in home improvement projects and a larger-than-life market for home improvement supplies, even the oldest of homes that are worse for wear can be easily transformed. 

With all this buzz surrounding Boston’s own home improvement scene, however, there’s one option that most homeowners often overlook: roof restoration.

Why roof restoration is more important than ever

It may not be the part of your home you notice the most, but your roof is no stranger to deterioration over time. After a couple of decades of use, a roofing restoration will become a must.

Throughout the course of homeownership every single year, the average roof becomes far more prone to all sorts of problems that come with age and natural forces— which means that it needs maintenance to stay in peak condition. Contrary to the popular belief that the roof on any home doesn’t need to be replaced or only its tiles have to be swapped out, a roof restoration will eventually be essential for ensuring both the safety of those in your home and maintaining its market value. 

Aside from the fact that it’s recommended for any Boston home, there are a few other reasons you should invest in roof restoration if yours is beginning to deteriorate: 

1. Restoring your roof is far cheaper than replacing it or having it break down on you

Instead of waiting for the day that your roof falls apart or the need for an entire replacement becomes a must, undergoing a restoration can help extend its lifespan and keep everything safe. If you have a limited working budget to improve your home, keep it comfortable, and uphold its safety as much as possible, then taking the initiative to restore your roof is the way to go. Additionally, it gives you more time to save for an inevitable total replacement in the future! 

2. Roof restorations work wonders for any home’s curb value

Another important benefit of restoring one’s roof is that it tends to hold a significant impact on the value of a home by driving the market price up based on pure curb value. With the help of a bang-up roof restoration job with the help of an expert—such as Melo’s Construction—you can improve the overall appearance of your home by a long shot! 

3. You can make your roof more dependable by 

Aside from making your home look pretty and increasing its market value while complying with standard home improvement protocol, investing in a roof restoration job also makes way for the most important advantage out of all: a durable roof. By taking the initiative to improve your roof’s durability and dependability by way of restoration, you can help it withstand rain, snow, hail, thunder, lightning, and earthquakes all-year-round! 


Taking the time to restore your home’s roof can easily make a monumental difference in how safe your home is, how great it looks, and how much it can fetch in the market should you decide to part ways with it.

If you are a Boston homeowner that needs an expert to restore your roof (or improve your home, in general), then get in touch with us today for a quote! We are happy to help you.

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