6 Signs It Is Time to Get Roof Inspection Service

6 Signs It Is Time to Get Roof Inspection Service Blog

A roof is the most integral part of a house structure, but unfortunately, homeowners only think about it when something bad has happened. You might think your roof looks perfect when you are passing by it; however, to truly determine the roof’s condition, you require more than that. You need a roof inspection service to understand the state of a roof completely.

There are various things that can cause wear and tear to the roof; so, it is important that you timely schedule inspection services with Melos Construction before a serious problem damages the house structure.

Are you not sure when to call us for inspection? Here’s a quick guide on 6 signs your roof might need an inspection.

After Major Storm – Roof Inspection Service Becomes Necessary

Whether it’s strong sun rays, snow, hail, high winds, rain, or hurricanes, all the weather conditions affect the roof. Heavy storms cause much physical damage, and even strong winds can cause the roof to blow off.

Also, tree branches and flying debris can cause roof damage. Therefore, it is very important to schedule a roof inspection immediately after a storm.

Something Has Fallen Over It

Roof materials are tough and sturdy; however, it doesn’t mean they are indestructible. If anything falls on them, it can cause dents, crack, or even break them completely. Hailstones are one of the major causes of these damages.

Another problem is that homeowners let the surroundings tree grow over the house and forget to trim the branches. Even if the branch isn’t big enough to cause serious damage, it might have affected the shingles or got stuck in the gutter system. Here, you will need our residential roofing service to catch the issues timely.

Vegetation Growth on Roof & Your Cedar Impressions Siding

Vegetation is a major cause of roof damage. As soon as it starts to grow, it won’t stop on the roof and spread in the surroundings, including the sidings. It can turn into major repairs if not taken care of quickly.

The growth of vegetation can be due to several reasons – birds making their nest is among the most common ones. Gutters are especially their favorite spot to disperse seeds. Luckily, with Melos Construction inspection, you’ll be able to prevent these unnecessary growths.

Leaks in the Roof

Breakages and cracks can easily lead to leaks in the roof. This problem is most noticeable after heavy rainfall or when the snow and ice start to melt after winter. Leaks can also be a sign of some hidden problem that has been developing over the years but was unnoticeable.

You can always have a roof inspection service with us to assess the leaks and help you identify the real cause.

Roof Is Aging

A roof won’t stay new and sturdy forever – most of the roofs have a lifespan of 15-30 years. As they undergo aging and weathering, it can cause visible damage to the roof.

Over time, there can be cracks and openings that could lead to water damage. However, these problems are continuously monitored with inspection services to reduce any further damages.

Recommended Twice A Year

Finally, no matter what happens to the roof, it is recommended to hire inspection services twice a year. It will ensure no minor problem get a chance to develop into a serious problem. That way, even when the pile of leaves slowly makes a hole in the roof, your roof inspectors will spot it and repair it before any real damage.

For more helpful information on roof inspection service, move on to our next frequently asked questions section.

Common Questions by Customers

  • What is the point of a roof inspection?

The purpose of getting a roof inspection is to find any potential problems and find a repair solution for them timely. Our roofers will conduct roof exterior and interior assessments to make sure it remains in the best condition.

  • Why is it important to get your roof inspected?

Getting regular inspections is important because it helps identify the problems in time and stops further damage to the house. Our roof inspectors will be able to detect the issues in the roof structure and suggest repairs accordingly.

  • What does a roof inspection entails?

A roof inspection is a process where a roof inspector will visit your house to check the condition of the entire roof. It will include checking the attic, roof leaks, and more.

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