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5 Unmistakable Signs Your Siding Needs Replacement – What to Know

Your home’s siding serves two main purposes. Firstly, it protects the structural integrity of your home, specifically from outside elements that may end up corroding it. Secondly, it contributes to the visual appeal of your home, as it creates a nice contrast between the dominant color of your home and the lighter shade of the siding. 

The most important purpose of siding, however, is to protect your home. Without it, your home will fall prey to the natural elements, such as dirt, dust, rain, and even pests. 

Depending on your topography and home’s age, several signs may indicate that it’s time to replace your siding. Here are some of the most telling:

Sign #1: Several cracked or loose boards

If your siding boards are visibly cracked, loose, or missing, they need to be replaced immediately. These leave your home susceptible to water damage and pest infestations. If the damage only extends to a couple of boards, you may not find it necessary to replace the entire siding. It’s best to reach out to a professional as soon as possible, however, as any time wasted means a longer period of vulnerability for your home. 

Sign #2: Fungal life growing on the boards 

If you see signs of mold, algae, mildew, or fungus beginning to emerge, your siding is suffering from excess moisture. This could mean that it’s just on the exterior, however, so make sure to wash it off as soon as you’ve discovered growth. Make sure to inspect it after washing as well to ensure that moisture hasn’t penetrated the walls. 

Sign #3: Warping or softening boards

If your siding has become soft or began to warp, replacement is inevitable. Significant rotting damage will cause the material to be soft enough to poke into, and this will need an entire replacement. If the material splits or crumbles, however, you may be dealing with dry rot damage. Consider bringing a professional in to check.

Sign #4: Water stains 

Water stains on your interior walls mean water damage, and this could be because your siding is in bad shape. More often than not, damaged sidings are the main culprit to water damage and extensive moisture penetration. Any sign, no matter how little, should be addressed as quickly as possible. 

Sign #5: Increased energy costs

Although not usually attributed to siding replacement, a noticeable spike in your energy utility bills signify an insulation problem. If you’ve ruled out your roof and attic, your siding needs to be inspected thoroughly. It also plays an important role in insulation, but if a siding has reached the end of its lifespan, its insulating properties will fade as well. 

The Bottom Line

Repairing a damaged piece of siding may be a task you can tackle on your own, but a full home siding replacement should be handled by the professionals. If you’ve inspected your home siding and find that half of it has been compromised, contact a licensed contractor immediately. 

An entire siding replacement is necessary for such instances, which should be done as soon as possible. Leaving it as it is will eventually result in long-term damage and a costlier fix. 

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