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4 Common Signs Your Roofing System Ought to Get a Repair – What to Know

The roofing system of your home acts as a protection for the foundation of your house. It is designed to withstand the harsh outdoor elements and endure the test of time. In fact, experts say that roofs are expected to last for about 20 to 30 years, depending on the materials used and their installation. Know, however, that your roofing system is subject to wear and tear over time, which is why regular roof upkeep and repairs are extremely necessary.

In this article, we will share with you four common signs indicating that your roofing system needs to get a repair:

1. Loose, deformed, or missing shingles

The most obvious signs that your roof needs a repair lie in the shingles. As you are aware, the shingles are roof coverings with overlapping elements meant to protect it. Now, if they are loose or missing, you better have them fixed. 

Know that frequent rains and storms can cause them to move or go missing. Furthermore, be wary of deformed shingles, particularly those that are cracked or curled. These bent, cracked, or deformed shingles may have already reached their life span and ought to be replaced.

2. A sagging roofing system

What’s worse than a housing problem is a sagging roof, which can be caused by a handful of factors, such as a weak installed roof, one that bears so much weight of snow during winter, or a frequent heavy downpour. Whatever the reason for your roof to decline, there’s no other way to have it fixed than to seek the assistance of professional roofing services.

3. Roofing system with dark spots

When you climb over your roof, be sure to see if there are any dark spot manifestations. Chances are that you see dirty or off-colored spots on your roof. They become apparent when your roof shingles become damp or start to fall apart. These can also indicate mold growth and infestation, which can severely damage your property if left unattended. When you see these dark spots, contact a professional roofing service, and have them deal with the problems immediately.

4. Water damage in your attic and home

Having water damage at home is not acceptable and should not be left untreated for long periods. It’s possible that there’s standing water on your roof or gutters, causing some moisture problems and water leaks. One part that can start to get impacted is the attic. If you see water damage in your attic and other parts at home, it’s best to have it fixed before it begins to destroy your home, causes molds to grow, and impacts the overall structural integrity of your house.


It’s important not to neglect your roofing system as it plays a crucial role in your house’s protection and structural integrity. This is why having a regular maintenance service is imperative. Should your contractor notice some common problems mentioned above, it’s best to have a repair service as soon as possible before they can cause severe damage to your roofing system and the entire house.

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