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3 Tell-Tale Signs of Old Roofing That Homeowner Should Know

The experience of homeownership can easily prove itself to be an intensive experience that entails going through many trials along the way. From plumbing repairs to renovations and exterior restoration processes, any home can yield quite a number of different projects that need to be worked on each year. Among all the different parts that need to be dealt with, restored, and repaired, however, your home’s roof is one particular aspect that may need more attention than you’re currently giving it.

Why your roof matters

Given the fact that the roof is tasked with defending your home against harmful outdoor elements, it’s no secret that your home’s roof has a bigger job than you credit it for. 

Spanning from hail, rain, and wind to sunlight and even robbers, it’s guaranteed to provide relief and comfort from almost anything that may pose a threat to your humble abode. However, it can also experience quite a bit of wear and tear from decades (or even years) of extensive use, similar to any other part of your home.

Why you should worry about age and what signs to out for

As opposed to other parts of your house that can be put off at a later date when they age, your roof is an aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked when it starts to show vital signs of getting old. Age, in particular, has a significant effect on the overall durability of a roof and can easily strip it of a proper foundation, leading to a disastrous result if you aren’t careful.

Protecting yourself, everyone else in your home and your prized possessions from the implications of an aging roof can be prevented by spotting warning signs. In this article, we will share with you three tell-tale signs of old roofing that homeowners should look out for: 

1. Moss growth

When your home’s roof ages and is exposed to copious amounts of moisture and sunlight, it tends to harbor quite a bit of moss over time. This is one issue that can gravely compromise the structural integrity of your roof. If you start to see even the slightest presence of moss growth, contact an expert to take care of the problem right away because eradicating the problem itself entails applying the right techniques without any compromise. 

2. Missing or curling shingles

As the first line of defense, the shingles of your roof enable it to provide a stable foundation to keep everyone at home protected. Without the right amount of shingles or with a broken set of shingles, the function of your home’s top is essentially compromised as it depends on them to provide sufficient protection. 

3. Sagging

Out of all the different signs to watch out for, one of the definitive symptoms that should be acted on right away is a sagging roof. In comparison with other issues, sagging essentially indicates a bigger problem at hand that needs to be treated right away because it’s also a sign of significant water damage. This makes it a problem that should be looked at by an expert right away to mitigate any further costly complications.


An aging roof is a problem that should never be overlooked because of the extent of the complications that can arise from such a circumstance. By staying vigilant and watching out for the three tell-tale signs mentioned above, however, you can keep your home as safe as possible and save yourself a fortune in the long run!

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