Storms or leaks do not wait for office hours. They can happen anytime and anywhere, so if you ever need to look for 24-hour emergency roof repair near me, Melo’s Construction is here to help. Whether it’s a leak or extensive damage due to a storm, our 24 Hour Emergency Roofing Services are available and easily reachable through calls, chats, and form submission even after work hours. We have divided our emergency services into two priority levels. The first level of emergency roof repair in Peabody is when there is any physical endanger due to damages. In this case, our team will reach you in a matter of few hours. While, if the emergency doesn’t qualify in the first level, it will fall under priority level 2. During this scenario, we will reach out to you within 24-48 hours. We use the technique of tarping to provide a quick solution to the roofing problems. It will be strong enough to hold up until the weather is settled. Then you can contact us for our roof repair services to help you with a more permanent solution.

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The Three Steps to a New Boston Roof

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Site Visit & Estimation

The technical staff at Melo’s Construction visits your site and surveys the location and condition of your roof. They give you a quick and free estimate of the whole project.

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Claims & Budgeting

We create a budget for the project according to your roofing requirements. Our staff will also advise you if you need assistance with a natural disaster or tree damage claim.

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Repairing Project

The project's final step is getting to the roof repairs in North Shore. Our staff arrives at your location with all the necessary materials and immediately gets to work.

Roofing Services In Massachusetts
24 Hour emergency roof repair


Our emergency roof repair in Boston is here to assist you in providing roofing solutions. We offer 24 hours customer service so you can reach out to us. The process of roof emergency include,

  • Give us a call on our customer service line here (978) 375 1958.
    After you report the emergency, we examine the complaint and decide under which level it falls. If it is a priority level 1 situation, our experts will reach to you within few hours. Or else, if it’s level B we will reach the spot in 24-48 hours.
  • On reaching the site, our emergency roofing experts will assess the damage thoroughly to provide a quick and durable fix to the solution. If the damage is because of the storm, we will tarp the problem area for a short time until the bad weather passes.

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